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Building an effective software application that your target market can use takes proper research, design, programming, analysis, and ultimately, creative talent. Any “dev team” can build you a software product but whether that product can lead to traction and solve your needs is the difference between great and mediocre teams. Don’t get burned by companies that leave you hanging in the middle of the night when something breaks, suddenly disappear in the middle of a project or hold your product until you pay more money. Our team is always available, professional, and transparent in everything we do. 

From mobile and web apps to e-commerce and artificial intelligence applications, the AE Dev team can simplify your business technology. Coupled with our Network Management and Dev Ops services, the AE Dev team works cohesively with our infrastructure experts to design, build, and maintain your application’s full life cycle.

Mobile Application Development

Offering mobile applications where your customers can interact with your business is compulsory for successful companies. Today’s customers are sophisticated and require an immediate, professional, and modern response. We specialize in crafting custom mobile applications on IOS and Android that will extend and transform your business services onto all mobile devices.

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Web Application Development and Software as a Service Platform (SaaS)

We specialize in all the latest technologies to quickly bring your online business to life (Node, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Angular, React, and Python). Utilizing the public cloud from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and IBM Bluemix, to Docker containerization and serverless computing, we can construct the next great web start-up. 


Creating an online selling business has never been more popular. We can get your online store up and running quickly, professionally, and securely. We pride ourselves on making e-commerce easy, affordable, and reliable so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

E-Commerce Platform

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With all the hype about Artificial Intelligence, are you not interested in how the AI world can transform you and your business? We have a team that specializes in the latest and greatest AI offerings from all the major tech companies. See how AI can help you discover new customers and more importantly, help keep your old customers.

Artificial Intelligence

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