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Here's why:

  • A deterrence strategy aims to make cyber-attacks so difficult or unsuccessful that attackers lose interest.

  • You discourage attackers from even trying by making it very hard to breach defenses.

Our free vulnerability test and report provide you with a digital snapshot.

  • Pinpoints vulnerabilities in your network

  • Validate your current digital security measures

  • Identifies proactive measures to mitigate risk to critical data

  • Amplifies your industry regulatory compliance

  • May lower your cyber liability insurance

A Good Offense is a Proven Cyber Defense

Who We Are

Established in 2014, Alcott Enterprises is an award-winning national information technology consulting and cyber security company delivering agile IT strategies and next-generation IT managed services. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Alcott Enterprises offers over 50+ years of combined industry experience, with senior leadership comprised of Fortune 500 senior IT executives. Our experts have been leading digital transformations, providing consulting services, and managing the technical infrastructure for companies of all sizes across various industries.

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