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Hardware Leasing and Financing

Keeping up to date with needed networking or computing equipment can be expensive. It can require a significant upfront capital investment that you may not be able to afford immediately. With our equipment leasing and finance-to-own options, we can help you get the equipment you need without the upfront capital. We offer competitive leasing options and finance-to-own programs. 

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Laptop and Desktop Refresh Programs

Computing devices are built to last on average two years. After two years of wear and tear your devices slow down negatively impacting productivity. Replacing your employee computing devices is expensive. With our refresh program, we guarantee hardware, support, and free upgrades every two to three years, all for a low monthly payment. Keep your employees happy and efficient with new devices every two to three years with no upfront capital investment required.

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Lease Networking Equipment

Networking is expensive given the cost of equipment with a lifetime average of five years. Instead of worrying about how to refresh your equipment every five years, lease your equipment from us. With our leasing program, you will always have the needed equipment with “End of Life” upgrades, licensing included, and free hardware replacements - all included in a low monthly payment. 

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Purchasing networking or computing equipment requires upfront capital investments. With our Finance-to-Own program, we can supply the equipment for a low monthly price; once the equipment is paid off, it's yours to keep. There are no upfront capital investments and flexible payment terms to fit your budget.

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