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Two Ways to Earn Cash With Each Referral.

Whether you are an existing AE client or just a friend, there is a referral program for you. We want to reward both our network and our existing clients. With each program there is an opportunity for you to make cash and save. Choose the program that’s right for you and start earning with AE.

Network For Cash

You Refer Them. You Make Cash!

Cash for referrals. Help us meet new folks and we will put some extra cash in your pocket. Here at AE we believe in the power of networking which is why we want to reward you for becoming part of our network and sharing us with others. For every referral that signs up for AE’s monthly service, we will give you up to 50% of their first service bill (excluding hardware). Once your referral has completed their first billing cycle, we will cut you a check for up to 50% of their monthly service bill with a limit of $6000 per referral. Who couldn't use some extra cash?

Printing Machine

Already an Existing AE Client?

Refer Us and Save!

Our success is your success. We believe in our strong commitment to our clients which is why we want to help you save money. For every client you refer you will receive up to 50% off your next service bill. Once your referral completes their first billing cycle we will gladly say “Thank You” by issuing you a credit of up to 50% off on your next monthly service bill (excluding hardware). With no referral limits, your amount of monthly savings is in your hands.

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