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AE believes your business security is much more than protecting against cybercriminals. Physical security of your offices and locations are critical to protecting your company assets. With AE, we not only manage your existing security camera infrastructure, but we bring added value to next-generation video surveillance technology. Our security cameras supply a wide array of next-gen features that include cloud DVR with remote access to video – anytime – anywhere, object detection, heatmaps, detailed analytics, and more. 

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

AE supplies both high-definition indoor and outdoor security cameras. All of our cameras are cloud-based which means there is no need for an on-site DVR or local storage for recorders. If there is a network outage, our cameras will continue recording. 

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Advanced Analytics

Heatmaps, object detection, and advanced analytics take your security cameras to the next level. Establish which areas are high traffic areas in your retail locations, or what high-value items are getting the most attention. With advanced video analytics features, our cameras open up a new world of information that is beyond the traditional security camera functionality.

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Easy on Your Bandwidth

Our cameras are easy on your bandwidth; they do not drain your location resources. Cameras are easily adapted to low priority traffic during peak network usage. Prioritizing traffic is easy with our solutions.

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One Pane of Glass

Do you have more than one location? With our cameras, your cloud infrastructure is ready to scale with you. Our web-based dashboard allows access to all of your sites both near and far with real-time video and instant playback from any device that’s connected to the internet.

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Easy Upgrades

Upgrading to the next generation cameras is easy. Our cameras are smartly powered using Power Over Ethernet (POE), or can efficiently utilize your existing power cables.

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