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Streamline and simplify your computer deployments with zero-touch setup with Windows Autopilot 


Windows Autopilot simplifies your hardware deployment. New hardware is sent directly to your employee(s) at their home or your office. Hardware arrives directly from device manufactures; once the device connects to the internet, it begins a zero-touch setup process with your company settings, configurations, security policies, and applications. Windows Autopilot removes the need for IT to re-image or pre-configure devices before deploying them to employees. Saving you time, money, and providing a zero-touch IT configuration experience for the end-user.

Deploying Windows Autopilot

Windows autopilot can be deployed on new devices, existing company devices, or on pre-used devices that plan to be reset, re-deployed, or recovered. Existing and re-purposed devices are delivered to the end-user with all of your company security controls, policies, and apps required by your organization from day one.


Alcott Enterprises has been recognized by Microsoft as a leader and certified solutions partner to assist you in your Windows Autopilot deployment. Working with a certified partner ensures your workforce receives the highest quality IT experience with modern solutions to empower them both onsite and remotely.  

Participating Device Manufacturers

Devices from these brands, ship brand new (in box), with Windows Autopilot capabilities, not requiring assistance from IT. Existing devices from these brands are also supported.

Let’s Get Started

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