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Our Co-managed I.T. services are a collaborative partnership between an organization’s internal I.T. team and our teams.

Co-Managed I.T.

This model provides a flexible approach, where the internal I.T. team works with the Alcott teams to provide additional support, expertise, day-to-day operations, and resources as needed. This can be a valuable option for organizations that want to maintain control over their I.T. operations or strategic direction while benefiting from a larger I.T. team's enterprise resources to help close gaps without hiring additional W-2 employees.

How organizations benefit from Co-Managed IT

  • One of the most significant benefits of a Co-Managed IT solutions relationship is that it significantly costs less than hiring additional full-time I.T. staff.

  • This approach frees up your internal I.T. staff to focus on their strengths.

  • Allows you to focus on the business while our teams take care of your needs

  • Executive decision support and enterprise expertise are at your fingertips. 


We don’t replace your I.T. staff; we help them succeed.

  • Our team assists by filling gaps and helping your team by giving them best-in-class tools and enterprise expertise while increasing their productivity.

  • Your team becomes more valuable; as our team assists and fills gaps, your team becomes more successful and can focus on critical initiatives rather than the day-to-day. 

Is Co-Managed I.T. a fit for your organization?

  • Co-managed I.T. is ideal for those rapidly growing organizations that need additional I.T. support or solutions without additional W2 staff.

  • Your current staff is overwhelmed or has challenges supporting multiple sites with various geographic regions.

  • You want to maintain control of your I.T. while leveraging enterprise expertise and solutions.

  • Rapid growth can lead to unpredictable expenses; I.T. doesn’t have to be one of them. We help provide predictable, transparent cost structures to ensure no surprises.

  • When your organization is looking for enterprise-capable I.T. services and support but cannot afford to invest in all of the tools, software, and staff required to meet those needs.


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