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Strategically Align Technology and Your Business

  • The vCTO and vCIO gains a deep understanding of your business and provides technology solutions to help accelerate you past your competitors.​

  • Participate in management meetings, and partner with other management stakeholders to provide thought leadership. ​

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Technology Implementation and Environment Oversite

  • Provide extensive technology background to develop IT plans to prioritize technology initiatives and improve solution delivery.

  • Technical oversight of cloud migrations, disaster recovery, regulatory and compliance reviews.

  • Lead internal IT governance processes and implement best practices.

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Strategic Planning and Policy Creation

  • Provide budget and financial planning for the technology teams and work alongside your CFO to during annual planning.

  • Develop and implement IT policies in accordance with industry standards.

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Ownership of Support and Maintenance

  • Coupled with AE’s support services and or your in-house staff your vCTO can own the support landscape of your organization. 

  • Management of vendors and evaluating their capabilities for ensuring maximum service delivery and consolidated services.​


Technology is a key driver in businesses today. However, finding the needed senior IT leadership is expensive. Posting positions, meeting with recruiters, interviewing candidates for CTO (Chief Technology) or CIO (Chief Information Officer) roles for your organization can be costly and frustrating. As a result, some organizations are left without a senior technology leader in place, and technology delivery suffers.


As your trusted advisor the virtual CIO/CTO (vCIO or vCTO) consulting service brings a seasoned senior technology leader to your organization. The vCIO/vCTO becomes a true extension of your management team without the expensive price tag.

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