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Microsoft Features Alcott Enterprises for Windows Autopilot and Deployment of the Modern Workplace

Alcott Enterprises is pleased to announce that Microsoft has featured them as a participating reseller. As part of Microsoft's 365 Modern Workplace, Windows Autopilot is a solution that streamlines the deployment of new Windows devices within a customer's enterprise.

Windows Autopilot provides organizations with a zero-touch deployment of new devices when shipped directly from device manufactures. When Windows devices are unboxed and connected to the internet, Windows Autopilot swiftly and securely configures your company settings, device configurations, security policies, and applications. Windows Autopilot removes the need for IT to re-image or pre-configure devices before deploying them to employees, saving the enterprise time, money, and providing a zero-touch IT configuration experience for the end-user.

When paired with Microsoft Intune and Azure AD, organizations can automatically enroll devices into Microsoft Intune's Endpoint Manager and Azure AD (Join or Hybrid) to provide cost-effective modern device management at enterprise scale.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Alcott Enterprises is assisting organizations in deploying Microsoft's Modern Workplace. Alcott Enterprises's experts are leading digital transformations, providing consulting services, and managing the technical infrastructure for companies of all sizes, across a variety of industries.

About Alcott Enterprises:

Alcott Enterprises, established in 2014, is an Information Technology and Consulting company delivering agile IT strategies and next-generation IT managed services to companies throughout the United States.

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